FAW Jiefang releases new energy strategy, pure electric hybrid fuel cells go hand in hand
Published on:2021-10-07 08:39:08

On September 29, FAW Jiefang (000800) (000800) released its new energy strategy.According to FAW Jiefang's target plan, the company will gradually achieve a higher share in the new energy market than traditional vehicles,The proportion of new energy sales is higher than the industry-wide target. Specifically, 2025, 2030, 2035,FAW Jiefang new energy vehicle sales will strive to reach 120,000, 320,000 and 500,000, accounting for 20%, 50% and 70% of the total sales respectively, and the revenue will reach 50 billion yuan, 150 billion yuan and 2500 yuan respectively. billion.

At the same time, FAW Jiefang's new energy strategy will implement the policy of three technical routes of pure electric, hybrid and fuel cells going hand in hand. There will be corresponding depth layout.

At the conference site, the new energy commercial vehicle industry development strategic alliance promoted by the FAW Liberation Initiative was formally established. It is reported that the alliance includes representatives from the government, universities and enterprises from all walks of life, among which CATL (300750) and Reshaping Energy, the representative companies in the field of power batteries and hydrogen fuel cells, are among them.

China FAW Assistant General Manager, FAW Liberation Party Secretary and Chairman Hu Hanjie revealed in an interview with reporters that the company will promote the layout of pure electric, hybrid and fuel cells in parallel. However, since pure electric technology has been applied to the five major platforms of FAW Jiefang, the foundation is good, and it will be promoted first. At the same time, FAW Jiefang is also committed to building a platform around the new energy commercial vehicle industry, combining the upstream and downstream of the industry to jointly promote the ecological construction of new energy commercial vehicles and the transformation of energy.

It is understood that in addition to releasing the new energy strategy, FAW Jiefang also established a new energy division to support the overall transformation of the company.

FAW Jiefang's new energy products will cover five major vehicle platforms, covering five categories of traction, cargo, dump, special, and passenger vehicles, and fully cover the most typical application scenarios of commercial vehicles. At the same time, in terms of technical route selection, FAW Jiefang will make full efforts in the three technical routes of pure electric power, hybrid power and fuel cell.

It is reported that around the above development goals and technical layout, FAW Jiefang will invest more than 20 billion yuan to build a global new energy innovation base of "four countries and nine places" during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, and invest more than 10 billion yuan to build a "zero-carbon factory" ", an exclusive base for fuel cell vehicles and systems featuring hydrogen energy industry clusters.

At the event site, FAW Jiefang signed on-site orders for new energy products with 12 logistics and transportation companies, and the number of orders reached 10,000 vehicles in seconds.

Wu Bilei, general manager of FAW Jiefang, revealed that at present, FAW Jiefang has independently mastered L1, L2, and L4 full-stack autonomous driving technologies. Among them, L1-L2 autonomous driving technologies have been put on the market with a series of ADAS products; L4 autonomous driving technologies equipped with smart car products in specific scenarios have also been launched in small batches. The reporter learned that according to the plan, in 2025, the commercial operation of expressway L4-level intelligent vehicles will be realized.

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