Research on Air Conditioning Load and Energy Consumption by Building Insulation in Solar Radiation Laboratory
Published on:2021-04-06 16:51:20

According to the design conditions of solar radiation laboratory, the relationship between building thermal insulation performance and air conditioning load and energy consumption is analyzed by computer numerical simulation method.

Even in winter conditions, the required cooling capacity is still relatively large, while the required heating capacity is relatively small. The enhancement of building thermal insulation performance will reduce the heating energy consumption of air conditioners, but it will increase the energy consumption of cooling air conditioners.

Therefore, blindly increasing the thickness of thermal insulation will not only increase the one-time investment in building thermal insulation, but also increase the total energy consumption of air-conditioning. For the research object.

When the thickness of the polyurethane foam insulation layer of the building envelope is greater than 100mm, the increase of the thickness of the insulation layer will increase the total energy consumption of the air conditioner, and the reasonable thickness of the insulation layer is 100mm. These research results provide an important basis for the thermal insulation design of similar buildings.

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