Vehicle crash test
Published on:2021-09-18 16:20:23

The introduction of the vehicle crash test has accelerated the research and development of vehicle safety performance. Seat belts, steering systems, child restraint systems, car airbags, etc. appeared one after another. The whole vehicle crash test is a test to measure the performance of the vehicle, and the whole test is completed in the laboratory. The whole experimental process is mainly divided into the following steps: First, the dummy and the acquisition equipment connected to the dummy need to be placed in the car. Professional analysis software can judge it to get the damage value of the dummy during the collision. Then, high-speed cameras with ultra-high frame rate and powerful lighting systems were installed around and inside the car. After the staff made the final preparations, the experiment officially began. Through the traction system, the car collides with the barrier at a preset speed, and then measures and records relevant important data after the collision, and judges the safety of the test vehicle according to the important data of various tests. Its significance lies in the design and manufacture stage of the car, taking the safety of the car as an extremely important evaluation standard, and obtaining various important and key data through a series of tests to improve the passive safety of the car, and finally to the society and major car manufacturers. Announcement to help them further promote the improvement of technology in China's automotive safety field.

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