WINSURE solar simulator lamp(metal halide lamp)
Product Details
Product information:
  • adjustable:full spectrum 
  •  2000W(340X340X340, L*W*H)
  •  2500W(480X480X440, L*W*H)
  •  4000W(480X480X440, L*W*H)
  •  4000W(480X480X440, L*W*H) explosion-proof
  • Smart design for easy installation
  • Voltage and current regulation function
  • Comply with GJB150.7A-2009 standard
  • Comply with VW/DIN7522 standard
  • Compliant with BMW PR306 standard
  • Self-developed software for remote control
  • normal temperature using
Application scenarios:
  • Simulate natural light sources
  • Adjustable electric light source: power supply for light control products
  • Solar Radiation Simulation of Automotive Vehicles and Parts
  • Simulation of solar radiation in the field of energy storage
  • Solar Radiation Simulation of Military Products
  • Solar Radiation Simulation for Other Consumer Products
Suzhou Winsure Optical supply A series of laboratory lighting solutions such as airbag ignition lighting, crash test lighting, aging light source design, and solar radiation simulation.
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